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PhotoLeaders - Social Toplist of Photography Influencers

What is #PhotoLeaders?

PhotoLeaders is a weekly ranking of Photography Influencers based on their social media activity.

How is #PhotoLeaders score calculated?

The score is calculated by taking into consideration a number of important social media factors, initially only from Twitter. We use many signals to update PhotoLeaders every week, based on your last week social media activity.
The majority of the signals used to calculate the PhotoLeaders are derived from combinations of attributes, such as the ratio of reactions you generate compared to the amount of content you share.
Some other important measuring factors include: number and quality of tweets, engagement driven from others, number of followers, your authority, etc.

How to view my #PhotoLeaders score?

Currently only #PhotoLeaders Ranking is public, but we will soon give you access to your exact score and provide advise on where can you achieve a better score.

Where is #PhotoLeaders leaderboard?

The first leaderboard was released to the public in 22 June 2020. We are currently measuring and calculating the public activity of 64 Photography Influencers and we will soon launch more country and industry specific leaderboards as well.

Join #PhotoLeaders for free!

You are a photography enthusiast, passionate about photography and want to be included in #PhotoLeaders? Want to see how you rank on our leaderboard? Simply follow @VisitoryGlobal and retweet the below tweet to your followers (make sure you do not remove the #PhotoLeaders and #Join hashtags + mention @VisitoryGlobal) and you will be included for free. Once included, we will start measuring your social media engagement and include you in our next weekly calculations!

"#PhotoLeaders is a ranking of Photography Influencers based on their social activity. #Join! @VisitoryGlobal"

Tweet this Text for Your inclusion to #PhotoLeaders!

Additionally you can also follow @VisitoryGlobal and tweet anything with hashtags #PhotoLeaders and #Join + mention @VisitoryGlobal on the tweet (or retweet anything with hashtags #PhotoLeaders and #Join + mentioning us) and you will be included for free.

Please note that this list is for you only if You are a photography enthusiast, passionate about photography, we will not include any other account to #PhotoLeaders.

I joined, but I am not on the Toplist

If you joined recently, please check back on next Monday, we are always releasing new toplists every Monday, based on your social activity from last week.
If you joined more than a week ago, you are very active on Twitter and still do not see yourself in the Toplist, it looks like you did not manage to arrive into our Top 100. Please do not lose your heart, continue the job you are doing, and we are sure the results will come!